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neverdesign.. ever.


Jonathan de Araujo

Birthday and Age:

January 10 1986, 23 years old


Brisbane Australia


Johannesburg, South Africa


pdf format

Contact details can be found in the resume; otherwise email at: jon@neverdesign.net

Skills / Experience

  • Adobe CS3 Savvy :D - Illustrator, Photoshop Veteran for amost 10 years!, Flash, Dreamweaver, inDesign
  • CSS
  • Adobe After Effects Experience
  • C, C++, C# Experience
  • Java, Javascript Experience
  • Actionscript Experience
  • PHP, SQL Experience
  • Adobe Premier Experience
  • Adobe After Effects Experience
  • Sony SoundForge Experience
  • 3D Studio Max/Maya Experience

A bit about me

Hi my names Jon, and I am a graphic designer/bass guitarist. I am just as keen at applying myself to both and am always willing to learn something new. I started playing bass guitar a year after I started studying a Bacholor of Creative Industries (Communication Design) which I completed in 2007. I have also achieved a Certificate 2/4 in Multimedia that I completed during highschool. A more extensive overview of my academic acheivements can be found in my CV (linked as a pdf above). Other hobbies of mine include playing my bass live; I jog; play soccer; netball and enjoy spending time with friends and family. I enjoy having fun, specially when its called for and feel that I am an entertaining person and a good friend. What I hope to achieve as an immediate set of goals is to make it as a graphic designer; save my money and eventually buy something nice, big and potentially usefull; like a house. Having come from South Africa at the age of 11; I have obviously done my fair share of travelling, I wont bore you with details though.. not till you get to know me anyway :D

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