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Century21 Westside

My current position as Graphic Designer / Client Service Consultant required me to re-design all of the corporate documentation, in-house advertising and print media for the business.

The project's are challanging due to their specific nature and requirements. Not only do they need to be designed within the confines of a stringent and a frequently contradicting corporate identity but they also need to be functional, eye catching and classy products.

Below are examples of the works produced for each new listing taken on by the business. The following examples show the A3 Windowcard placed in the storefront; the A4 Windowcard used in the weekly publication and delivered as letterbox drops to over 1000 property's. The third image shows the cover of a one of the property booklet an 8 page document created for each listing. Finally the business'es corporate profile which follows the corporate identity rules more stringently in association with the francies documentation

Century21 Westside A3 Windowcard Century21 Westside A4 Windowcard Century21 Westside Property Booklet Century21 Westside Corporate Profile Cover
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