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Creative Central Marketing

The Creative Central Marketing group was the team managing the Creative Industry revival of of the Ipskay City Council. Creative Central Marketing was a group created by myself and the students that worked with me in order to provide a viable solution to provide Ipskay with a viable solution that was concise to a budget and met their criteria of providing an on going and renewed creative and cultural feel to the city.

The project was primarily a research project that involved studying the 'Creative Industries', how they worked and why the creative economy is becoming increasingly popular. The project helped myself and the group better our market research skills and project proposal and presentation skills as in this project our client would essentially be approving a funding grant for the project. Though this was fictional it was a very valuable experience.

From a graphic design point of view an array of various products were required. This included a proposal document, company logo's and website concept images. These files can be viewed by clicking on the links below

CCM Logo CCM Logo 2 Ipskay Logo Ipskay Website Concept 1 Ipskay Website Concept Final

Powerpoint Presentation : CCM Project Proposal

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