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Come Play With us - 2007 QUT Communication Design End Of Year Graduate Show

The QUT Comms Design end of year show was organised and promoted by the graduating students. Students who volunteered were given specific roles in order to produce a successful and smooth running evening that was fun and allowed prospective employers to take something away from the night

The design work of all the advertising including the e-invite; sent out to the industry; The Advertisements played on LCD Screens around the campus and the web banner put up on the QUT website as well as an individual business card for each student who's front showed information about the student and their skills as well as a puzzle on the back if all the students cards were placed faced down together. The Projects timeline was 2 weeks and forced involved alot of waiting till the last minute for people to send their correct information and photograph in. The lesson to be learnt from this project was that if you need photo's it is better to take them of the subject rather then rely on what people are willing to send due to the fact that many of them despite being graphic design students mis-read the requirements and as a rest sent in terrible photo's to work with.

The links to samples of these are shown below. A concept Sketch is also shown.

End of Year Show e-invite End of Year Show e-invite End of Year Show Student Business card End of Year Show Student Business card print sheet
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