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The Kamelion Project

Probably my most favourite project; potentially because I came up with this one.

This project was my approach to solving the tangible media problem; creating a new way of interacting with a computer or digital work. The project intended to use an existing interface to audio as an interface to a visual component. This interface to audio is the musical instrument and for the prototyping in this project a bass guitar was chosen. The project evolved and changed more then its fair share of times due to conflict interests between myself and one of my critics for this project. I learnt alot from this and other project management subjects and felt that though my project wasn't approved for further development I demonstrated my ability to itterate and evaluate my design solutions.

The specifications and research that was done for the initial presentation of this project can be found by visiting the link to the projects website below

The Kamelion Project

The final project proposal can be found in pdf format by following the link below; I recomend reading it highly as it shows the idea in more depth then can be described here and demonstrates a wide variety of my skills.

Kamelion Project Specification Document

Note that the image quality in the pdf is no good due to the fact that the origional word document contained png formats which when exported from Microsoft Word alias and look horrible and I'm looking for a way around this

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