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Webpage Layouts

This section of the folio demonstrates any web layouts that I have worked on. These are just concept images.

This first video was done as a basic image manipulation. First image was the origional; I then separated it into layers using Photoshop and then in aftereffects I compbined them, added the motion and the 3D camera.

The following 2 images are slightly more business class style layouts for portfolio. The designs follow a more conservative but at the same time fresh, clean and unique visual theme, similar to that of the decore one would expect to find in an expensive hotel.

Neverdesign Corporate mainpage Neverdesign Corporate Project page

These next 2 images are a re-design of the website http://www.ascentisoperations.com/

With this project I had to take a slightly different approach because I was given an existing site to work off; I had to base the design off the origional work and the major problem with this was the fact that I actually quite like the origional product. For this I took the attitude of 'if its not broken don't fix it'. This meant that I kept alot of major design elements that I did like in almost their origional condition with a few little spruce-ups here and there.

                 Ascenis Main page 
                 Ascenis Main page

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