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Wearing Rosco EP cover

My most recent project. This page is dedicated to the album artwork that I am currently creating for the band Wearing Rosco (of which I am lead bassist lol :D).

If you want to know a bit about the band check out the myspace at:

Wearing Rosco Myspace

This project was entirely hand drawn using a Wacom on the computer (gotta love my Wacom). It was made using Flash and Photoshop. The Images below show all the concept images. The one that we are likely to run with at this stage is the black and white version with the colour moon and tree (it's pretty easy to distinguish because it has the album title and the bands name/logo).

Wearing Rosco EP Cover Conept 1 Wearing Rosco EP Cover Conept 2 Wearing Rosco EP Cover Conept 3 Wearing Rosco EP Cover Conept Final

Wearing Rosco EP cover v2.

Ok so that was the first itteration of idea's for the EP cover. Alots happened since then and plenty of it being in the form of discussion about where we would like to go with the artwork and several gigs. With our new direction on mind I drew the following artworks in Illustrator, once again using the wacom and inspired by a bit of reasearch and a fresh idea of what the band wanted. The result... have a look below :D

Wearing Rosco EP Cover Conept 2 Light Wearing Rosco EP Cover Conept 2 Dark
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