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The Soundscape project delved into the work of creating an environment rich in sounds. This particular exploration into the use of sound dynamics took place over 13 weeks in which 2 other project proposals were developed and improved upon in order to finally proceed to first stage prototyping of the Soundscape.

The specifics for this particular project can be found in the following document outlining the details of the assignment.

Assignment 3.pdf

The following images show the development from paper prototype to a screenshot of the the working 3D model (the Unreal Editor 2.0 was used for the implementation of the 3D prototype of the installation).

Concept Sketch 1 2D Concept Screenshot 3D Prototype Screenshot

The following link shows the 2D concept and includes some interaction in the form that the final installation peice hopes to take. Note that the sound volumes at this stage of the project and the sound files used had not been correctly mixed or normalized. The Flash player is also required.

Soundscape 2D Concept

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