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Tabernacle was a project run by Jane 'Truna' Turner (Brisbane IGDA Representative) and was made using the Halflife 2 Engine. This particular project looked to recreate life and even just the 5th century environment and hoped to provide a compelling and most importantly unique gameplay dynamic. This unique gameplay dynamic focused on the principle of being in the right place at the right time as well as the ability to choose between 'right' and 'wrong' on your way. This choice would directly affect the role of you as a particular character and influence which character you would get to play next through this character swapping dynamic the story was told.

The project made it to prototyping stage with my personal role involving texturing and environment modelling. My jobs involved creating a suitable map that resembled a coastline similar those in Scotland and Wales; Designing and modelling the Villiage Priory as well as designing and modelling the Villiage itself. Due to limitations of the game's engine and SDK readily available to students, most of the modelling had to be done within the Half Life 2 Editor which though useful, proved to be problematic in regards to certain aspects.

Below are thumbnail screenshots of some of the development process and models that I created

Priory Model - Front Right Priory Model - Rear Left Priory Model - Top Village Model Village Model from South Blacksmiths Hut Round Hut Triangle Roofed Hut
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