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Tangible Cartography

Tangible Cartography presented the opportunity to explore tangible media input devices of the students of this particular course's design. This project in particular used an infra-red LED and a web camera to form a simple styles who's motion was tracked by an application designed to translate what was drawn into a 3D Island placed in the world. The projects programming work was undertaken by other group members however its design and texturing were done by myself, most of the work was simple image manipulation however some hand drawing and painting using a wacom was done to achieve some of the desired results. The Project made it to prototyping stage.

The images below show a concept sketch of the physical installation of the project; and then the cell-shaded or cartoon style textures that were required to be implemented as part of the projects visual theme. To View the full image click on the thumbnail

Sketch of Installation Screenshot of Prototype Screenshot of Prototype Map Grass Texture Rock Texture Sand Texture
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