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Flash project number 1! YAY

This project was my first flash project that wasn't just a drawing or an animation but an actual game (prototype). The Project was very open ended and as a result we could do whatever we wanted. The catch was we had to provide a promotional webstie and material for the actual product that we were trying to market. The basic purpose of the game is pretty straight forward, kill the ant; protect the cake. Why? coz its cute and delicious and it was something pretty to put inside a pretty bubble hehe :D

Anyway because the game is just a prototype it is still a bit buggy but it tought me alot about actionscript and programming. For a look at the zero7 website which has the game and all the promotional images etc. follow the link below! (due to copyright issues not all of the music is not included in the game)

Zero7 Promotional Website

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