2010 site live!
So I know it has been longer in the making than I said, but the good news is it's live! In the latest round of updates I've managed to get the site stable enough to launch the the first basic pages! I'm relieved and glad to have the site at a point where (fingers crossed) I wont have to temporarily disable the site because something is going horribly wrong. A couple of things to note about the now live site:
  1. It works, so far tested in IE 6-8 (some bugs in 6 because its horrid and I haven't gotten to fixing them yet), Google Chrome and Firefox.
  2. It works on Iphone :D
  3. If you come across any bugs please comment back on this post, accept my apologies for the bug and be patient while I fix it
With that said the list of updates to come are:
  • The custom Home page and its features
  • The Folio section - Update: 80% complete - needs some small tweaks and launch content to be uploaded
  • A surprise!!
So again, thank you for being patient, the site will be in Folio mode soon (ETA: 20 May 2010) with Services and Client Login on the horizon!